Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tore that mountain up yesterday!

I went snowboarding yesterday and made that mountain my bitch! I went with my friend that forgot his board last time, he actually managed to remember it this time. The snow conditions weren't too great yesterday though... There has been a lack of snow in Flagstaff lately and the mountain has been suffering. There were some spots on the mountain that were bare almost down to the dirt and the snow that was there was pretty icy. But with that bad news comes some good news. My town is getting dumped with snow right now and there is already a foot of fresh pow up on the mountain. If there isn't too much wind tomorrow Snowbowl should have the lifts open and I am going to get me some fresh powder! Here are a couple pictures and a video of my friend boarding.

The picture above is of our biggest lift, Aggasiz.

This picture is taken from the heart of the bowl. Only steezy shredding from here!

Before people criticize me about my filming abilities I will say that I have no experience in film and shot this with my Droid Incredible so the quality isn't amazing. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's official

I'm going snowboarding this weekend. I decided that I'm done waiting on people to go with me. I won't be hitting the park but I will do some big mountain riding for sure. I will try to remember to make a video of me riding this time. I will be using my Burton Custom with Custom bindings and DC Scouts with the BOA system to top it off. Unless something awesome happens before I go snowboarding that will be my next post. Check back on Sunday for sure!

This is a picture of my backyard recently. More snow to come this weekend I'm pumped!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missed out on Sunday.

So some of you may have noticed that I didn't post anything from Sunday when I was supposed to go snowboarding. Well thats because my friend drove two hours to go snowboarding with me then realized that he didn't pack his board. How the fuck do you forget that? Haha

Well anyway I will be trying to go up the mountain sometime later this week. I'll be sure to document the shredding. So there is a reason the check back later this week.

In other news, Luke Matrani just got the highest scoring Winter Dew Tour pipe run ever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've gotten some requests for a video

This is the best that I could do. It's an extremely terrible video of me spraying my friend that was sitting for some reason. I will try and use my GoPro and upload something before the season is over.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The sadness of not shredding

I have to say that sitting here in my gorgeous home isn't half bad. But looking out my window at that powder covered mountain makes me want to just get in my Jeep and drive up there. It's too bad that I have so much to do with school being a full time student and all. I can't wait for the day that I have my bachelors in business and all I have to worry about is running my business and snowboarding whenever I have free time. Time to quit bitching about what I want my life to be. I want to end this entry on a good note but i cant think of anything more exciting to say than I can't wait to make that mountain my bitch on Sunday.
Also, I think that I want to end every blog entry with a picture. Not always my own picture because not all of my entries will be about me. Today I leave you with a picture of my two current setups. I will elaborate on them in a future entry.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The dream board

The snowboard I have always drooled over is the Burton Method. I have read so much about it that makes me want it even more. Every review I have read has had only good things to say about the board but everyone complains about the price. Personally (if I had the money) I would buy this board in a heartbeat. Maybe if I make some money from these advertisements on my page I can get a start on one. If you want to check out the Burton Method for yourself you can read about it here 


This is my first blog and I will be using it to document my snowboarding adventures along with other winter related news I find worthy of sharing. I will try and keep this interesting and readable for all so something other than snowboarding might sneak its way in every so often.

My next trip is planned for Sunday so definitely check back then!
Keep on shredding.